a r i s e

a r i s e

performance audiovisuelle

avec Christelle Cavaleri

_ in progress _

"[...] in our fantasies we will pour our deepest wiwhes, our more persistent needs, our quests from omnipotence, our fears of desertion. Everything. [...] You created all pieces. Like in a dream, working with fantasy is about decoding that symbolic structure."

Esther Perel, Erotic Fantasy Reconsidered : From Tragedy to Triumph (2012)

This project binds desire to the question of freedom and emancipation in a larger reflection about norms and conditioning. Fantasies are explored as a space we enter, a place we go inside. Alternation between our inwardness and the world create echoes ; impressions and sensations from both are kept in mind and create images we are inhabited by. How desire crosses reality and what is this interaction’s outcome ? We see desires as necessities that come from the inside, a land of possibilities where free will is expressed : an attempt to freedom. This performance is a kind of catharsis, a way to react to a restrictive and toxic world. Driven by our deepest inner self, the erotic is here perceived as an interlude in our productive lives

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sound : Christelle Cavaleri

video : Swan Bitume

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